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YouTube Poop is a popular style of video making on YouTube. It features YouTubers, often called, "Poopers", taking pieces of movies, commercials, television episodes, memes, and other YouTube videos to make the content different.

There are numerous types of YouTube Poop videos.

  • Amateur/Random: As the name suggests, these are often made by amateur poopers. They usually use memes to attempt to be humorous. These videos usually have no plot to them. The most common material for this type is the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda CD-i cutscenes. These are usually targeted to tweens and young teens.
  • Humorous: These are videos made solely for the purpose of comedy. They sometimes contain plots. These can be the Random YouTube Poops mentioned above. This is the most common type of YouTube Poop.
  • Horror: The videos are made solely to scare or creep out the audience. These are usually created by more advanced Poopers. This should not be confused for Creepypasta.
  • Mash-up: These are videos that mash-up different types of media or media sources. All of the types mentioned above can feature these videos.

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