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Dylan Kelly

Dylan Thomas Kelly
Dylan Kelly
General information
Channels: Every Song in Order
Green Tie Education
Green Tie Gaming
Cosmic Controllers
Green Tie Productions
SpongeBobia Network
Interests: Creating YouTube Videos
Education: Greenleaf Elementary School (from 2003-2009)
Falcon Ridge Middle School (2009-2011)
Apple Valley High School (2012-2014)
Eastview High School (2014-2016)
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Parents: Elizabeth Kelly (mother)
Cousins: Kieran Kelly

Dylan Thomas Kelly (b. February 11, 1998; age 22) is the creator of Green Tie Education, Green Tie Gaming, Cosmic Controllers, Every Song in Order, Green Tie Productions, and SpongeBobia Network. He is currently manager of of all of these, except SpongeBobia Network, which he is the former manager for. He will also be the voice of most of the male characters on Cosmic Controllers. He is also the editor on the videos of Every Song in Order. He is also the creator of the Internet Video Database.

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