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Brittany Venti
General information
Channels: BrittanyVenti, StreamSpot
Interests: Females, Female rights, streaming, Cats, Nekochan
Occupation(s): Streaming on Hitbox
Education: Allegedly dropped out of High School
Aliases: LollipopNinja
Physical appearance
Gender: Whale
Eye Color: Blue
Parents: Deceased
Uncles: An unnamed one is mentioned and was called
Pet(s): Two cats named Blitz and Bubbles and an unnamed dog


Brittany is an 19 year old girl, who is shown to be sensitive to trolling on her streams. She has also shown that she is a hardcore feminist, as she will always support the female side of anything regardless of what is said about said female, and has told the trolls that if she wants them to apologize to all girl gamers, not just her. She is also Christian, as she is shown to believe in god, and thinks that "the trolls will go to hell". She also said in her most recent stream, that she believes that "god is a feminist". She also believes that the Illuminati is real. In her 10-10-2015 stream, she claims to be a former feminist due to other feminists having different beliefs and lack of acceptance. However, this is debatable due to her behaviour on streams.

Twitch Streams

Main Article: BrittanyVenti

As mentioned above, she has shown to be very sensitive to trolling, to even where she cried on stream, and got DDOSED 5 times on stream. Her streams are infamous for trolls arriving (mostly ones from 4chan), and she has also gotten banned from Twitch 3 times, the first time for showing a strip club from GTA 5, the 2nd and 3rd having to do with the raids that she usually gets on her streams.

Other sites

She also has been Confirmed to have 2 YouTube accounts, a Skype Account, a Discord account and a Snapchat account. Her YouTube account uses her old username from Twitch (LolipopNinja) It now the name Brittany Venti, and she mostly uses it to inform people that she got banned from twitch. She also made some other videos on her YouTube account, such as explaining why "Cory in the House isn't an anime".