Created By: Brittany Venti
Associated Channel(s): LolipopNinja (YouTube)
Other Names: LolipopNinja

BrittanyVenti is a Twitch streamer who was infamous for quite a few things.


Brittany Venti tipcally plays some games on her stream, such as League of Legends and Grand Theft Auto 5. She also has a "freedom of speech" system on her chat (although words, like n*gger, she doesn't allow), as she'll rarely ban people in her chat. She also streamed on Hitbox a few times as well.

Trolls and "Channel 4"

Her Twitch channel is often raided daily by trolls. She has shown to be very sensitive to trolls, and she often responded to trolls. Due to trolls abusing certain features (i.e: text to speech voice for both the chat and when she receives a donation.), she had disabled some of said features. She has often called 4chan trolls "Channel 4", which led to be a running joke for some 4chan trolls that trolled Brittany.

Bans on twitch

BrittanyVenti on twitch has been banned 3 times, the first time being from showing a strip club in GTA 5, the 2nd time confirmed being from the raids (or how she responded to said raids), and the 3rd reason being either how she reacted to the raids (in one of her streams she threatened to take her viewer's American rights away.) or confirmed to be possibly due to porn on stream.
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